2017-01-19 – Piper Blush – Geeky 69

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Piper feels you coming behind her. Your hand slides down her flat stomach. Your warm body embraces hers. You feel a chill course thru her as you reach the black fabric of her panties. She swirls her hips seductively to pull her underwear to her knees, only to unveil her pink bud to your fingers. A moan escapes her throat as your index slides down her slit. She loves it.
You place yourself under her warm pussy adopting the perfect 69 position. As her mouth covers the entity of your cock, your tongue spreads her open and teases her clit. She tastes of desire and sugar. She drools of hunger all over your now erect shaft. She wants to be filled.
Piper’s legs on each side of your face, start shaking uncontrollably. You can taste she is close to climax, and so are you. You let her ride your mouth harder throughout her orgasm. She does not stop, even for a second, stroking your length. You fill your balls tighten as your semen reaches the tip of your cock. You burst out on her. She is rapid enough to swallow the rest. It only reminds you that 69 is most definitely the best oral sex has to offer.


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