2016-08-22 — Tiffany Collins — Busty, Lusty Teen

NM-2016-08-22 — Tiffany Collins — Busty, Lusty Teen
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«Apparently I have, like, big boobs! No one ever believes me when I say this, but for the longest time, I didn’t realize that guys were checking me out or looking at my boobs. I didn’t even think about my boobs, and I had no idea they were big. I only had one regular bra and the rest of the time I wore sports bras. Then when I had my first kiss, the guy couldn’t keep his hands or his mouth off of my boobs.»
«He kept complimenting them and saying that he never would have guessed they were so nice by the way I dressed. It got me thinking that maybe I should show them off a little more. I started wearing tight shirts and low cut tops and I could tell the difference right away. The guys loved it; the girls hated it!»


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2016-08-22 — flutacious 2 by Mona M

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Hats – and shirts, and pants – off to Mona, who is officially the first person to make vaping sexy for me. Up until now, I didn’t get it aesthetically – but Mona, stretched out and relaxed, beautiful in the perfect light, exhaling clouds of clean vapor – I’m all for it. And as for what comes next, well – Mona makes that look damn good too.


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