2012-01-21 — Suzie Carina & Susane — It's Hot And We're Hot

File Name : 2012-01-21 — Suzie Carina & Susane — It’s Hot And We’re Hot.wmv
File Size : 869.63 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:25:34
Two beauties, two bikinis and two tongues. All will get used during this video in one way or another. These girls are way hot and to pin them up with each other is simply a dream come true. You can tell instantly that these girls are very attracted to each other. How could they not be? They are both equally gorgeous. You’ll see them spreading each others lips and going to town while cooling off in the pool. Hot stuff!

t3245_0a65f2b2.jpg t3244_3ca41806.jpg

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