2016-03-30 – perception by Phoebe_G

File Name : IFMS-2016-03-30 – perception by Phoebe_G.mp4
File Size : 215.47 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:05:35

The immediacy of Phoebe’s pumping hips and searching fingers belies a need for release which overcomes her entire body. A great camera angle here allows us to see exactly what she’s doing down there, and I marvel at this technology, that allows me to perceive the exact amount of pressure Phoebe applies to herself, the speed and all the lovingly rendered details of her movement.


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2016-03-29 – signs of love 4 by Bobbie_R

File Name : IFMS-2016-03-29 – signs of love 4 by Bobbie_R.mp4
File Size : 189.01 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:04:51

Oh my gosh, Bobbie has the sexiest bum dimples here… ok, focus! Bobbie’s recovered from Strawberry’s devotion now, and it’s clear to me what she wants now. I love to watch Strawberry’s body shake, as Bobbie R takes her closer and closer to the edge. And then, a little sign lesson – how to say, “thank you”. No translation needed.


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