2016-07-29 – Isla Brown – Workout Barbie

ZH-2016-07-29 – Isla Brown – Workout Barbie
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Went on a hike near the Hollywood sign with Isla Brown. Isla is filled with delight when she gets to tease the camera. Living in a city like LA can wear on you. There are millions of people around you, doing exactly what you are doing; trying to survive and have a bit of fun before biting the big one. When other Angelenos become annoyances rather than beings that I sympathize with, I get outside for some vitamin E. The beach, a trail, a park; I owe a lot of my remaining sanity to these places.


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2016-07-29 – Piper Blush – A Discreet Blowjob

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Piper is is kneeling on the flour. Her hands rest on your thighs as her elbows dig in the soft mattress. She took her time to look seductive for you, putting on a matching red bra with one of her favorite collars. You can smell the musky odour of the red leather mixing in with her feminine scent. It’s all so enticing, so erotic.
Her eyes meet yours as she draws a line of kisses on your soft shaft. Piper is not as patient as you are. Barely waiting another second, she takes you in her warm mouth. She tries to swallow you, her throat is so comfortable. It makes you hard. She lifts herself on her arms to see your erect cock from every angle. Her hair falls on each side of her face giving you a perfect view of her skillful tongue.
She uses her hands more and more. She wants to feel your burning eyes on her body, it turns her on. She moans when she tastes the first drop of pre-cum from your tip. Her hand squeezes you tighter. She drools over you to make sure you get the best of sensations. You throb between her fingers. She makes you ejaculate in long and thick bursts. She gets some all over herself.


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2016-07-29 – Lizzie Ryan – Swinging From The Mountain Tops

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Lizzie Ryan and her beautiful breasts are back for another mountainous journey through the world of sultry seduction. She contorts into all the right positions in this one. Enjoy!


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