2016-09-30 – Irene Quinn – Back In Action

ZH-2016-09-30 – Irene Quinn – Back In Action
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It took a while to do, but I got Irene Quinn to return. She had taken a long hiatus from this type of modeling. Her now-ex-boyfriend gave her the lectures and guilt trips and desperate moans of an insecure soul, but in the end, Irene came back. There are many people who will tell you what you can or can’t do. They might lock you up in a cage, or label you indecent, or threaten your way of life. But this changes nothing. This only creates anguish in society. Do what feels good. Be kind. Enjoy the wave.


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2016-09-30 – Piper Blush – Deep and Wild

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She walks deeper into the woods. You have no choice but to follow her. You have to know what she is leading you. Suddenly she drops on both knees. You look around, not seeing any particularity to this spot more than all the other ones you came across during your wandering. She smiles, and the gap between her lips accentuates. You know what she wants.
You unbutton your jeans, unzip and take down your boxers. As you reveal your cock to Piper, a moan of satisfaction escapes her already salivating mouth. She takes off her coat for you to look at her erect nipples. They peek out of her white top so explicitly. She finally starts pleasuring you with her tongue. She sticks it so much you grab your shaft and slap her with it. She loves it, as you finish she pushes herself on you as deep as your length. You pull out of her warm embrace and ejaculate on her beautiful face. She puts herself under you catching as much on her as she can. She just loves facials.


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