2017-01-29 – Matron Kay

File Name : STM-2017-01-29 – Matron Kay.asf
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Duration : 00:07:46

Matron Kay is working in her office, as she sits at her desk she starts to caress her new nurse outfit. She is really enjoying her new role as St Mackenzie’s school Matron and her naughty uniform makes her feel very sexy and important. As she runs her hands up and down her uniform she bends over and unzips her skirt, slipping it down her amazingly long legs. You can see her lovely round bottom in a blue thong underneath, and it is not long before she slips the thong of too, showing her perfect pussy! As she continues to play with her uniform she unzips her tunic, showing her pretty bra & ample cleavage, before reaching for her stethoscope to play with too. As she slips off her tunic and finally her bra it isn’t long before she is left completely naked, apart from her heels and stethoscope, looking like an even more perfect school Matron!


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