2015-05-20 – Angel Piaff, Silvie Luca – Holiday Scene 1 – Charming.mp4

File Name : VT-2015-05-20 – Angel Piaff, Silvie Luca – Holiday Scene 1 – Charming.mp4
File Size : 690.07 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:23:31

Silvie Luca and her girlfriend, curvy blonde Angel Piaf, are thrilled as they explore their holiday home, the pair chatting animatedly as they check out the terrace and pool. When they reach the cosy bedroom, it seems it’s time for a sexy siesta, and the girls peel off their tight dresses and underwear and get comfortable on the bed. They kiss tenderly, Silvie squeezing Angel’s ample breasts and then straddling her in a sixty-nine. They lick each other lustily, each breaking off from time to time as the sensations get too overwhelming to resist, and then indulge in some mutual masturbation that gets them gasping. Angel pins Silvie to the bed and sucks her nipples before teasing her chewy pussy lips. Silvie rolls over, her peachy bottom in the air as Angel licks her to orgasm. She then pushes Angel onto her back with her legs spread and munches her to a powerful climax.

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2015-05-18 – Carolina Abril, Tiffany Doll – Senses Scene 1 – Taste.mp4

File Name : VT-2015-05-18 – Carolina Abril, Tiffany Doll – Senses Scene 1 – Taste.mp4
File Size : 794.56 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:27:12

Tiffany Doll explores the sense of taste with Spanish sweetheart Carolina Abril, making her VT debut in this movie. Carolina is in the kitchen preparing fruit, at first unaware that Tiffany is watching her. Tiffany greets her with a tender kiss that soon becomes more passionate, and Carolina offers her some of the succulent fruit. She feeds it to her lover, crushing it until the juice runs over her bare skin and licking it off, then allowing Tiffany to do the same to her. Tastebuds fully stimulated, they are hungry for a different kind of sweetness, kissing voraciously before Tiffany goes down to sample Carolina’s delicious flavour. When she has Carolina all juiced up, Tiffany straddles her lap and rides her fingers, then stands so Carolina can lick her tight asshole while she finger-bangs her to a powerful orgasm. Tiffany goes back down to lick Carolina’s puffy clit, making her climax hard before they share another delicious cum-flavoured kiss.

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2015-05-13 – Alexandra Stein, Lorena Garcia – Reading Room Scene 4 – Inculcation.mp4 2015-05-14 – Lia Tailor – Pallid

File Name : VT-2015-05-13 – Alexandra Stein, Lorena Garcia – Reading Room Scene 4 – Inculcation.mp4
File Size : 782 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:26:47

yqfxsuk7gmk2_t.jpg 1c78799qr2w5_t.jpg
kht2v5gsgitc_t.jpg 1ide961qgahj_t.jpg

VT-2015-05-14 – Lia Tailor – Pallid
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2015-05-11 – Alexandra Stein, Apolonia – Reading Room Scene 3 – Construal.mp4 2015-05-12 – Paula Shy – Demure

File Name : VT-2015-05-11 – Alexandra Stein, Apolonia – Reading Room Scene 3 – Construal.mp4
File Size : 795.89 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:27:17

35p8kdp4oavs_t.jpg u431cot3e2k0_t.jpg
cy2hxb2fw00b_t.jpg 9j2r6l8c5qis_t.jpg

VT-2015-05-11 – Alexandra Stein
VT-2015-05-12 – Paula Shy – Demure
5184px (x60) 43.4Mb.zip

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2015-05-08 – Apolonia, Misha Cross – Reading Room Scene 2 – Inference.mp4

File Name : VT-2015-05-08 – Apolonia, Misha Cross – Reading Room Scene 2 – Inference.mp4
File Size : 784.23 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:26:59

Misha Cross looks sensational in a dangerously short plaid skirt as she selects a book from the shelf to read to Apolonia. She reads confidently in English, with just a sexy trace of a Polish accent, as pretty Apolonia teasingly runs a hand up her thigh. Misha does her best to concentrate, even managing to keep her composure as Apolonia eases down her panties to uncover her lightly-furred pussy. It’s shockingly exciting when Apolonia snatches the book from Misha’s grasp and stuffs the panties in her mouth in an unexpected display of dominance. She throws Misha onto the couch and pushes her legs high, spanking her ass and licking along the groove between her plump pussy lips. Misha moans with pleasure as Apolonia’s tongue finds her sweet spot and then a wet finger penetrates her. She turns onto her knees to let the sultry Spaniard eat her from behind, ass cheeks quivering, then straddles her face and rides her probing tongue, before getting rubbed to a climax. Now Misha takes charge, burying her face between Apolonia’s peachy ass cheeks, sucking her hard nipples and then spreading her legs wide to give her a thorough licking. Apolonia sits astride Misha’s lap and rides her fingers until she cums, and then the girls move into a sixty-nine to bring their encounter to a scorching climax. It’s a must-see for lovers of erotic power games and explosive sexual chemistry!

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