2017-09-09 – Pixiee Little

File Name : STM-2017-09-09 – Pixiee Little.wmv
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Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:08:57

Pixiee has just got back after infiltrating St Paul’s High School and she has come straight to her office and is waiting patiently. As she waits she starts to dangle her black high heel courts, swinging them backwards and forwards from her toe. As she plays with her heels she crosses and uncrosses her legs underneath her school skirt. Pixiee then stands and while bending over the desk she runs her shoe up and down her leg and then slips her foot in & out of the heels. Pixiee likes how playing with her heels makes her feel and she starts to slip off the uniform. As she slips it off she sits up on the desk and dangles her heels some more, even slipping one heel off so she can double dip, sliding her foot in underneath the other. Soon she is completely naked and while sitting up on top of Headmistress’s desk, with her legs spread, she still dangles her sexy high heels!


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