2017-09-11 – Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae

File Name : STM-2017-09-11 – Hannah Shaw, Lola Rae.wmv
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Hannah & Lola are both pretending to be ill so they can skip the rest of their sports class by waiting in Matron’s room. They are both still wearing their sexy little gym kits and as they wait they discuss who hates PE the most. As they chat Lola can smell something bad, and she soon notices that it is Hannah’s feet! When Hannah realises Lola is upset by her feet she sees an opportunity and slips off her trainers and rubs her stinky socks all over Lola’s sports kit! Lola is outraged and starts to slip off her; she cannot believe her clothes now smell like feet! As both girls get increasingly naked Hannah winds Lola up even more and she shoves her stinky feet under Lola’s nose, and when Lola is naked she even has her pinned on the floor with the threat of her stinky feet on her face as she strips off the rest of her own lingerie.


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