2018-03-03 – Lauren Marsh

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Lauren has gone to the library to do some reading, but before settling down she goes into her bag and gets out her packet of cigarettes, pulls one out and lights it, inhaling deeply as she does. She exhales through her pretty pouted lips before having a look through the books until she finds the one she wants. As she reads she continues to smoke, with deep inhales and long graceful exhales, but it is warm in the library so she starts to slip off her uniform. As she strips she holds onto her cigarette, pausing to pick up her book again in between slipping off her clothing. Soon she is in just her lingerie with her blouse undone, and as she finishes her cigarette she goes straight on to light another. As she smokes the second cigarette she strips off the rest of her clothes & lingerie leaving her in just her boots, but still reading & smoking!


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