2018-03-07 – Dolly Kray, Headmistress Mackenzie

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I am in my office with Dolly; I need her to run an important errand for me; however she is clearly distracted. As I try and ensure she has understood her instructions fully she is too busy rummaging around inside her skirt: it turns out her tiny thong is buried deep in between her ass cheeks! As she tries to rescue her thong from her ass I explain how she should wear more sensible big panties like I do, then she could always concentrate fully while sitting in comfort. I slip off my skirt and show her the big black panties I am wearing before going in my drawers and getting out my spare panties, which are very big & cotton. As Dolly strips naked I explain how much she underestimates big panties and if she wears my spare panties today she will soon realise the power they hold, and once wearing them Dolly is soon appreciating their true beauty!


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