2015-02-27 – Piper Blush – Photo Finish Facial

File Name : TAOBJ-2015-02-27 – Piper Blush – Photo Finish Facial.mp4
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Piper reclines seductively, focusing on a mix of your pleasure and hers. As you climb on top, it’s not about exerting dominance. It’s almost like an offering of something to add sensuality to her masturbation experience, allowing her to feel that overwhelming eroticism. She’s like a goddess relaxing in bed, enjoying her physicality. Her glasses add a certain charm to her, framing her beautiful eyes with a slightly distinguished look. You almost can’t believe that this bespectacled beauty is in front of you, sucking your cock and she plays with her pussy. This is the ultimate in pleasure and you just need to stay in the moment, taking in the sight of her beautiful body and the feeling of her lips wrapped around your shaft. There’s something about this position and this idea of offerings that makes you want to come for her, right on her face, proof positive of your incredible pleasure and orgasm. As she starts to moan and whimper, it ushers for your cumshot in gush after impressive gush. Coming together, displaying pleasure, contented sighs… This is what it’s all about.


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