2015-03-20 – Piper Blush – Amy is Amazing

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Amy is just incredible, and so are her blowjobs. There’s a perfect mix of sensations and skills at play, making her fellatio absolutely inspired. It’s like everything comes together in perfect, yet somehow still unexpected ways. When she looks up at you with those clear blue eyes of surprising depth, that just ties it all together perfectly. Her mouth is warm, wet and skilled at lulling you and then switching things up right when you think you’ve got this blowjob pegged. She effortlessly transitions from deep throating to stroking and then finds a new way to include her lips, fingertips or tongue. Blowjobs are best when there’s an element of surprise. She’s amazing, really. Her enthusiasm for the blowjob is nearly out of control, and you can see her thoughts race as you get closer and closer to coming… How will she best celebrate and luxuriate in your cum? The orgasm sneaks up on both of you, but she’s in her element and she finds the most organic, beautiful way to enjoy this impressive cumshot.


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