2015-03-27 – Piper Blush – Erotic Explorations

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The art of a beautiful blowjob isn’t just about getting really good at a certain pattern of moves and showing off your skills while looking really pretty… It’s also about being adventurous and open to exploration the more you delve into oral sex. When it comes to sex, there is value with comfort, but true pleasure often comes from stepping out of those comfort zones. Piper absolutely lives by this ideal, her beautiful eyes flashing with inspiration when she tries something new, even if it’s just about changing up the tempo of a lick or coming at deep throating from a slightly different angle. She’s curious and excited to make you feel good in any way she can, so why not engage that spark of creativity and find out how many ways she can make you come? This motivation continues on right to the cumshot. Each spurt gives her an incentive to appreciate and enjoy it as the fruits of her creativity and enthusiasm. It’s amazing to savour the pure pleasure that comes from erotic exploration.


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