2015-04-03 – Piper Blush – Piper’s Sweet Sensuality

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Piper is so sweet in her sensuality. It’s exciting to see someone who eschews the traditional archetype of seductive sensuality to explore it in her own way. She’s naturally sweet, so of course it makes sense for her to be the darling, loving person she is in every other facet of her life when it comes to blowjobs. Just look at her face, feel her smiles wash over you and gaze into her piercing eyes as she gives you an undeniably sensual blowjob. Her techniques are varied, but she often comes back to a rhythm of sucking, then stroking, then both together, shifting between the iterations of pleasure to keep you guessing, yet in a pattern of sorts. It’s amazing to see her at work, focused on your different sensations, but then taking time to look up at you and make eye contact before going back to the blowjob. You know you’re about to come, and so does she. She keeps everything nice and steady, not getting too worked up, allowing your orgasm to reach its natural conclusion when you’re ready. She marvels at the way your cum spurts and lands down her hand, pausing for a moment before starting to relish the eroticism of cleaning it all up.


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