2017-07-03 – Vinna Reed, Yenna – In The Kitchen

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Blonde babe Debora teams up with her brunette friend Yenna in today’s scene on ViPissy. Debora is reading a magazine in the kitchen when Yenna has other ideas and climbs onto the table before kissing her blonde friend. Yenna starts to pull down her denim hotpants and as Debora lays down on the table, Yenna pisses over her and the denim hotpants. Both girls start to lick Yenna’s golden piss out of the denim before Yenna starts to undress Debora and licks her pussy while in a doggy style position. Soon both girls are naked and Debora returns the favour by licking Yenna’s pussy before Yenna sprays a stream of her piss into Debora’s mouth. Debora enjoys her taste of lesbian piss drinking then gets her pussy licked some more before copying Yenna and pissing into Yenna’s mouth. These naughty girls kiss and swap juices between each other then Yenna bends over in a doggystyle position and pisses into a glass with some of her juices missing aim and covering Debora. The girls drink the juices and Debora catches some of her golden pee too. Finally after getting seriously horny with their lesbian piss play, they enjoy toying a glass dildo then lay back on the table spraying another stream of piss upwards into the air!


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