2013-01-17 – Bella Baby

File Name : ALS-2013-01-17 – Bella Baby.mp4
File Size : 825.39 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:28:03

Video Editor: Josh
Bella Baby poses by the pool in two pairs of sexy ALS micro bikinis. Stripping down to reveal her beautiful tits and shaved snatch, she lathers up in oil before stuffing her pussy with her fingers. She then gapes herself wide open by hand before taking the ALS Rocket deep for hot cervix close-ups!

i7192_26c3721e.jpg t7189_369e622d.jpg
t7191_4bfa20fa.jpg t7190_dcaa9d96.jpg

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2013-01-15 – Ivana Sugar

File Name : ALS-2013-01-15 – Ivana Sugar.mp4
File Size : 596.55 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:20:14

Video Editor: Josh
Sexy blond Ivana Sugar steps into the ladies room to freshen up. She casually brushes her teeth and rinses before she decides to see what the vibrating brush feels like on her nipple. Taken with the sensation, she decides to enjoy a morning quickie, hopping in the tub and lathering herself up with oil. She exposes her pink clit for a close-up look, teasing it with her fingers in an extended session. Then she grabs her vibrating toothbrush and uses it to build herself up to a sensational climax. Afterwards, this dirty girl showers herself off before taking on the day.

i7159_01d21719.jpg t7156_73a25756.jpg
t7158_4727a6a3.jpg t7157_1a450313.jpg

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2013-01-08 – Frida

File Name : ALS-2013-01-08 – Frida.mp4
File Size : 467.37 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:15:47

Video Editor: Josh
Beatiful Frida is working on her tan outside in a skimpy micro bikini. She strips out of her suit to reveal her sexy body, lathering herself in oil to soak in the sun’s warm rays. Her beautiful skin glistens in the light as she admires her seamless tan. She gets all hot and bothered as the sun beats down on her, so she splashes some cold water down her chest and pussy before she begins teasing her pussy with the bottle. Once the build becomes unbearable, she reaches for a wand vibrator to stimulate her clit and ram deep inside herself, moaning intensely as she hits a satisfying climax.

i7077_d2867cf1.jpg t7074_2332c46a.jpg
t7076_5b07f0f2.jpg t7075_641e09fd.jpg

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2013-01-03 – Barbie White

File Name : ALS-2013-01-03 – Barbie White.mp4
File Size : 517.92 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:17:30

Video Editor: Josh
Sexy Barbie White is hanging out watching some TV but gets a bit bored. She lays down and begins to rub on her tight pussy. She teases her clit and fingers herself, building up the intensity until she has a relieving orgasm.

i7027_5833f0bc.jpg t7024_9ba902a2.jpg
t7026_836fd25e.jpg t7025_b6d6d9da.jpg

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2012-11-13 – Barbie White

File Name : ALS-2012-11-13 – Barbie White.mp4
File Size : 593.93 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:19:05

Video Editor: Dave
Barbie is sound asleep and dreaming of something that awakens her fully aroused. She rubs on her pussy under her pink panties while she removes her bra and squeezes her big, firm tits. She continues to finger her clit until grabbing a pink vibrator to work inside her juicy snatch. Barbie then takes the vibrator in her ass as she rubs on her clit until she cums, ready to drift back to sleep satisfied.

i6678_b3925909.jpg t6675_5a9104fa.jpg
t6677_79c90020.jpg t6676_40fb5604.jpg

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2012-11-08 – Abbie Cat, Blue Angel

File Name : ALS-2012-11-08 – Abbie Cat, Blue Angel.mp4
File Size : 571.58 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:19:22

Video Editor: Jen
Abbie poses on the couch with Blue Angel wearing a sexy bra and panty set. They take turns eating each other’s assholes and then grind their pussies together. Blue gets a strapon and serves it t o Abbie in a variety of different positions. These two ladies have great chemistry.

i6672_4d90c83e.jpg t6671_b961d2a6.jpg
t6674_9c525785.jpg t6673_1f512abf.jpg

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2012-11-06 – Bella Baby

File Name : ALS-2012-11-06 – Bella Baby.mp4
File Size : 528.17 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:16:58

Video Editor: Dave
Busty Bella Baby hops into the shower to wash up. After, she rubs her supple tits and firm body over with oil, gliding gently over her clit at first before she starts massaging her pussy more vigorously. She slips a few fingers into her tight snatch until the build up is too much to bear and grabs her vibrating toothbrush to stimulate herself to climax.

i6670_5c948cec.jpg t6667_ee9eb825.jpg
t6669_a7ffaf57.jpg t6668_e10bb66b.jpg

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2012-10-30 – Henessy

File Name : ALS-2012-10-30 – Henessy.mp4
File Size : 502.93 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:18:11

Beautiful Henessy is poolside wearing a sexy A’S Bik’i, catching some sun to start off this hot masturbation video! Watch as Henessy takes the suit off and rubs her body down with baby oil, making every curve glisten! Henessy begins to play with her clit and rub on her own pussy, getting herself nice and horny! She breaks out a small Hitachi vibrator that she uses to make herself cum! Download

t6642_5171e5d6.jpg i6645_e5996827.jpg
t6644_89dc56b2.jpg t6643_8f1ff6e9.jpg


2012-10-25 – Leila Smith, Tess Lyndon

File Name : ALS-2012-10-25 – Leila Smith, Tess Lyndon.mp4
File Size : 697.05 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:23:39

Leila and Tess pose on the bed wearing some really sexy lingerie. They take turns eating each other’s pussies and then grind their clits together. Tess gets on her strap-on cock and serves it to Leila in a variety of positions filling her pussy to the max! Download

t6638_26e9a741.jpg i6641_d873c607.jpg
t6640_9d2f878e.jpg t6639_1278ca2f.jpg


2012-10-23 – Zafira Shoot

File Name : ALS-2012-10-23 – Zafira Shoot.mp4
File Size : 489.72 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:17:25

Sexy Zafira is posing on her bed wearing some hot lingerie to start off this masturbation video! Watch as she starts to take her outfit off and rubs on her sweet pussy! Zafira then finger fucks herself getting nice and horny! Watch as this hottie plays with her pink clit, then fucks her tight pussy hard with a vibrator in multiple positions until she cums! Download

t6634_9a496b10.jpg i6637_ecdddde8.jpg
t6636_efabd4e3.jpg t6635_3dbeb659.jpg