D+ Students 3 (2012)

D Students 3 (2012)

When it comes to grades, Sarah Vandella, Britney Stevens, Cali Cassidy, Cody Lane and Natasha Nice are far from perfect. How can they make the honor roll in this third installment? These gals are on the prowl for a thick cock and throw themselves into their extra-curricular classes! They will blow your mind with their oral presentations, amaze as they educate you with their sexual prowess and excel in class participation! They don’t hesitate to cooperate and their physical attributes will drive you crazy! Don’t be sad. Someday those D+’s may turn into F’s!

Cast : Sarah Vandella, Natasha Nice, Cody Lane, Britney Stevens, Cali Cassidy
Genres : 18+ Schoolgirls, 18+ Teens, Age, Appearance, Big Tits, Character, Classroom, Clothing, Settings, Student, Teachers

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