2012-12-10 – Emily Addison – Can You Make Me…

File Name : VA-2012-12-10 – Emily Addison – Can You Make Me….wmv
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Duration : 00:07:20

Emily Addison has a challenge for you. She is looking for a guy that can fuck her into next week and make her cum harder than ever before!
Setting the tone in almost nothing black strappy piece of lingerie, Emily gets to business and shows you wants she needs. Think you can handle all of her and fulfill her cravings?

sa4ymc2e4ogo_t.jpg ayd4tjutlwfp_t.jpg

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2012-11-30 – Cody Love – Looking for Love in all the Right Places

File Name : VA-2012-11-30 – Cody Love – Looking for Love in all the Right Places.wmv
File Size : 646.19 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:08:37

Forget bar hoping and trying to navigate the thousands of dating sites out there to find your soul mate. We just brought love to you, Cody Love.
Falling in love with this blonde beauty is the only thing that will make sense once you see that amazing body. What Cody does next with that amazing body will just go to show your at the right place.

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2012-11-27 – Shyla Jennings – Sexy Shyla

[CENTER][B] File Name : VA-2012-11-27 – Shyla Jennings – Sexy Shyla.wmv File Size : 837.93 MB Resolution : 1280×720 Duration : 00:11:14 I whole heartily believe that given the opportunity to build their perfect girl, 99% of all men would piece together Shyla Jennings as their perfect women. Everything from her personality that goes from America’s sweetheart to smoldering hot sexy kitten in the blink of an eye is spot on. This video only helps to proves my theory. Shyla starts us out with a glimpse at her sweet and sensual sexy side but by the end we are left with raw Shyla dildoing away towards a massive orgasm. My kind of girl… [URL=http://www.pixroute.com/mghl44pw415l/VA-2012-11-27_-_Shyla_Jennings_-_Sexy_Shyla.JPG.html][IMG]http://img2.pixroute.com/i/00425/mghl44pw415l_t.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://www.pixroute.com/l8yo60e8eb4n/VA-2012-11-27_-_Shyla_Jennings_-_Sexy_Shyla.wmv.JPG.html][IMG]http://img2.pixroute.com/i/00425/l8yo60e8eb4n_t.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://www.pixroute.com/cezlwknnlx3q/VA-2012-11-27_-_Shyla_Jennings_-_Sexy_Shyla.wmv1.JPG.html][IMG]http://img2.pixroute.com/i/00425/cezlwknnlx3q_t.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [url=http://rapidgator.net/file/61740245]RG – Download File[/url] [/B][/CENTER]

2012-11-03 – Marie McCray – Just the Right Way

File Name : VA-2012-11-03 – Marie McCray – Just the Right Way.wmv
File Size : 656.74 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:08:58

Everyone has that one spot that if touched just right will send them them into overload. Marie McCray knows exactly where her’s is and wants to show you.
Her porcelain face showed signs of pleasure building as she let out a soft moan and grabbed her tits. You’ll know just when she finds it… Hmmmmm, just the right spot

u9s6bowwqd5m_t.jpg gkwnapdjk5ez_t.jpg

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